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Aerobic Exercise Tips

Aerobic training is any activity that requires an increase in oxygen intake. It is also referred to as cardiovascular training. These activities improve heart capacity to strengthen the lungs and heart. Defined as any movement that continuously works the same large muscle group for a time period of 20 minutes or longer at 60-80% of maximum heart rate.

Max Heart Rate / Resting Heart Rate / Target Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) is the maximum amount of contractions by the heart within one minute. To determine an estimate of MHR just take 220 and subtract your age. You also can take a max heart rate test to determine a more precise number.

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is defined as the amount of beats per minute at rest. The best way to determine this calculation is to take your pulse immediately upon wake up and before you get out of bed

Target Heart Rate (THR)is the percentage of workload by the heart for desired results from training. For aerobic training, the target heart rate should be between 60 and 80 percent. The standard method for calculating desired THR is the Karvonen formula.

Karvonen Formula:
((MHR-RHR)*desired %)+Resting HR.=Heart Rate

1. Determine Max Heart Rate. (220-age)
2. Determine Resting Heart Rate
2. MHR minus RHR=
3. Multiply by % desired (e.g. 60% use .60)
4. Add RHR
5. This will give you half of a desired range. To get the other side of a heart rate range repeat with another percentage. (E.g. 80% use .80)

Using a treadmill is not the only method of getting aerobic exercise into you regiment. Not everyone enjoys the same method . Below you will find some more examples to for you to use.

-Brisk walk
-Bike riding
-Various exercise classes
-Anything with continuous movement

Choose an exercise method that you enjoy. There is a better chance of success if the activity is one that you enjoy and can maintain. Consistency is the most important factor in improving your chances for success.

Aerobic exercise provides the human body with many benefits. Below are some of the top benefits that can be achieved through aerobic training.

-Strengthens heart
-Improves Cardiovascular System
-Blood Oxygen level Increases
-Raises Basal Metabolic Rate
-Increases fat burning ability
-Reduces Bad Cholesterol
-Decreases blood pressure
-Stress Reduction
-Improves Muscle Tone

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