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EAS Supplements Review

EAS, is well known in the fitness and bodybuilding world because of their multitude of supplements. Whether you are a bodybuilder looking for massive muscle growth, a marathon runner or just someone trying to lose fat and streamline your body, you can find a supplement that can help. One of EAS's cornerstone products is the Myoplex line. Myoplex is a scientifically balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and other ingredients. It is designed to build lean muscle and increase performance. There are four versions of Myoplex; Original. Lite, Strength Formula and Carb Control. All have the mix of proteins and carbs but the Lite version has 50% less calories and the Carb Control has only two grams of new carbs. You can get any of these formulas in ready-to-drink liquid, powder and bars.

For a more advanced performance enhancer there is the Pro Science Line. This line has a mix of high quality proteins and several muscle building ingredients like glutamine, creatine, beta alanine and beta hydroxy methlybutarate also known as HMB. The Pro Science line comes in 4 versions; finish, armor, push and reload. They are designed to build muscle, boost muscle power, help muscles recover faster after a workout and protect muscles from injury during a workout. Each version is more specific to the type of muscle needs you are looking for. This advanced muscle building supplement is available in powder and ready-to-drink forms.

If you are looking for a more simple type of protein supplement EAS has lots of plain protein powders, bars and drinks. They are available in Whey and soy and in several different flavors. There are a ton of flavors in their nutrition bar line. Come are for carb control, some for energy and some just for protein. It should not be difficult to find a flavor and a type of supplement that will help you reach your goals. Eas is carried in grocery stores, Walmart, GNC, health food stores and you can find all EAS products on the internet.

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