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Nutrition for Athletes

Are you a well-rounded athlete? Do you love to do anything that contains being outdoors? Yes, then you already know just how vital it is to stay hydrated as well as to eat right to get the right amount of nutrition. For those that do not know, this guide will help you to understand just how beneficial nutrition is. There are many factors like genetics and physiological that helps to determine a person's success in endurance activities. Yes, majority of these factors are out of our hands, but in our personal success stories, there are many ways that will help to improve our chances of being successful in endurance activities.

What is nutrition?

There are six main groups of nutrients

Importance of carbohydrates - In order for our bodies to muster up enough energy for us to perform, it craves a variety of fuels. The first being the glycogen muscle. The glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates in our bodies. When this muscle storage becomes depleted, the harder the body will have to work to overcompensate the bodies lack of energy. Fatigue soon settles in, and the inability to maintain endurance activities will take place.

Importance of protein - For the body to grow and repair (heal) itself, it requires protein. Another great reason that explains its importance is the status of glycogen muscle. When the glycogen storage is full, protein is needed to supply about 5% of the body's energy; however, when the storage is low, protein role changes from being the healer to being used for energy.

Importance of fat - Fat somewhat produces more energy than both carbohydrates and protein. For endurance athletes or for people in general, the sum of fat that should be consumed is less than 30%. In other words, if an athlete eats 300 calories every day, less than 100 of those calories should be from fat.

Importance of vitamins - Vitamins allows athletes to perform at their physical peak. Its intake is crucial because it helps with the body's metabolizing of carbohydrates and fats.

Importance of minerals - Minerals are essential because it helps athletes to sustain a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Not all 22 minerals but some of them should be included in athletes' daily diet to sustain peak performance.

Water - It is the most valuable because it hydrates as well as cleanses the body.

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