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Upper Body Weight Training Exercises


Bench Press
Lying on your back, arms out to the side, and elbows bent into a 90 degree angle up. Holding dumbells or a bar, extend the elbows up pushing the weight away from the chest. Control the weight as you lower it back to the chest,. pause without letting the weight rest on your chest... repeat.

Chest Fly
Laying on your back, weights out to the side, even with your ears. Raise the weights slowly until they touch directly above your chest. Lower slowly back to the side... repeat. Controlling the weight during the down phase provides a essentric movement. Lowering the weight is as much a part of the exercise as raising it.


Shoulder Press (Military Press)
The overhead press is done with dumbbells and the military press is done with a barbell. They both work the same muscle groups. You may stand or sit with this exercise, hold the weights even with your ears, elbows out and palms forward. Press the weight straight up and down in a slow controlled movement...repeat.

Lateral Lift (Side Raise)
Stand with your arms to your sides, palms down holding a dumbbell in each hand. Slowly raise the weights to ear level, keeping your arms straight. Maintain control of the weight while lowering...repeat.

Anterior Lift (Front Raise)
Standing straight, hold the weights palm back. You then slowly raise one arm at a time in front of your body until it is straight out in front of your body, then slowly lower the weight...repeat.


Stand and bend over into a 90 degree angle (hold this position). Keep the arm next to the body parallel to the floor. Allow the the elbow to bend towards the floor and then extend the elbow back .... Repeat. Complete one set on each side at a time.

Overhead Extensions
In a seated position raise both arms straight up so that they are next to the head. In this position, bend the elbows so they create a 90 degree in the elbows and the forarms are parallell to the floor. Now find an appropriate weight and hold with both hands and extend the eldows back up in the air... repeat.


Standing Dumbell Curl
Stand with your palms facing your hips, holding the appropriate weight dumbbell. Slowly bend elbows, twisting your palms toward your chest as you raise the weight, and then lower the weight slow and controlled back to the starting position...repeat.

Hammer Curl
This exercise uses the same position as the dumbell curl. The difference with this exercise is that you do not turn the forarms. Bending the elbows you raise the weight so that the head of the dumbell is moving toward the shoulder, and then lower the weight...repeat.


Bent Row
Stand, bending forward, arms hanging in front of body at knee level. Holding either a barbell or dumbbells, pull weight up toward chest with your elbows out to the side, lower slowly and with control.

Bend Overs
Simply stand up straight, bend over into a 90 degree angle, then raise back up into an upright position...repeat. It is important that you keep your back straight and have your chest out through the entire movement.

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