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Conor McGregor's Supplements

     In the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship), many athletes are forced to add supplements to their diets. Conor McGregor, one of the most recognized fighters in the world, is sponsored by one of the best companies involved in the production of vitamins, energy supplements, protein, and other supplements. BSN or Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition is the hallmark of most supplements consumed by the athletes. For Conor, they have been the best, and he has obtained great benefits from them. AMINOx Effervescent Instantaneous Amino Acids provide the athlete with a quick recovery and muscle repair, in addition to improving performance. Another supplement favored by McGregor is the Extreme Energy Concentrated Pre-Workout. With its botanical ingredients and caffeine, it keeps the athlete in an active state that helps him during his training and fights.

Supplements are of great importance to Conor. Although many athletes do not use supplements in their diets, he assures that their consumption is very important, especially in high performance disciplines where the athlete can be physically worn down quickly. Conor has used the consumption of supplements very well in his nutrition plan. For the fighter, it is necessary for quick recovery of the affected muscles.

     Protein is also very important to Conor and his diet. “Notorious”, as he is also known, receives it with open arms as it is fundamental for the development of his muscles. McGregor has managed to create and maintain a balance with the different supplements offered by BSN.      Supplements based on Zinc and Magnesium are also essential for the athlete and his body. Some spices, such as black pepper are also preferred as an ingredient to prepare home-made supplements. McGregor carries a strict order regarding its supplements. Having gained sponsorship with BSN, obtaining and consuming supplements has been much more effective and better managed by his mangers.

     Conor has served as an example for other fighters and athletes to consume supplements to obtain better results both inside, as well as outside the octagon. Athletes from other disciplines have been captivated by the fighter and have added supplements to their diets. It is very important for high performance athletes to complement and implement vitamins, protein, and/or energetic supplements in order to endure much more time training and lengthening their sports life for several more years. Conor, despite having given a false alarm of his retirement, assured that he will return to continue with the title of featherweight champion of UFC.

     Another supplement the fighterConor was enthusiastic about is Hyperbody. Although, after using it, he was forced to suspend its use because it was banned from the UFC and considered illegal because the supplement gives benefits that others do not. With it, some fighters gained a serious advantage over others who do not use Hyperbody. This supplement gives benefits to its users with little to no effort.

     Supplements have been a revolution for many, especially for athletes, because they improve their performance. However, their illegality limits their use for certain sports disciplines.

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