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Physical Fitness Tips

It is important to understand that being physically fit is more than just having strong muscles, or having the ability to run 10 miles. To be considered physically fit there are five areas to work on before one can be considered in good physical shape. I have listed the five components of physical fitnees and general information to help you understand each. These components along with good balanced nutritional choices can help you to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

5 Areas of Fitness

1. Body Composition.
A better way than using a scale to determine your fitness level. Body composition is the relationship between all the lean tissue in the body and fat mass. Fat mass is the fat throughout the body, while lean body tissue is muscle, bones, organs and everything else. The ratio of caloric burn between the two; 5 pounds of muscle requires 175 calories per day to sustain, whereas 5 pounds of fat requires only 10 calories per day to sustain( increased lean tissue will improve your metabolism, or caloric burn). Having a higher than desirable ratio of fat to muscle has a negative effect on your health. Health experts define obesity as being 20% above your desired weight, or a body fat percentage of 20% or higher for men, and 30% or higher for women.Normal body fat percentages are generally 12-20% for men, and 16-25% for women. Improving ones body composition is a combination of physical activity to increase or maintain lean muscle tissue along with proper nutrition. Body composition can be measured using a variety of different tests, skinfold, bioelectrical impedance, hydrostatic weighing, and circumference test. Personal trainers are a great way to get these measurements, or ask your doctor.

2. Cardiovascular.
The second of the needs is to strengthen the heart and respiratory system.Cardiovascular diseases are the No. 1 killers of men as well as women. By improving this aspect of fitness you increase your chances of a fit and healthier lifestyle. Aerobic fitness is a function of the ability of the heart to pump oxygen to the organs and the ability of the organs to use the oxygen. Exercise training and improved oxygen use is a direct function of increased stroke volume capacity. Increasing this aspect of fitness will improve most functions of the body including muscular use. Steps to improve cardiovascular fitness:(1)Stress heart rate from 60 to 80% of maximum. (2)Maintain this heart rate for approximately 30 minutes (3)Conduct this regimen 3 to 5 times per week.To determine the maximum take 220-age then multiply that number by .60(60%)and also by .80(80%) to get your range for cardio training.

3. Muscular Endurance.
The third component of physical fitness is the ability of a muscle to be used for extended amounts of time or repetitions. This could be the ability to hold a five-pound weight out in front of you for five minutes or the effort required to lift that weight 25 consecutive times. This can be improved by consistently doing similar movements and adding repetitions to increase the muscles abilities.AGAIN: explained as to hold a particular position for a sustained period of time or repeat a movement many times.

4. Muscular Strength.
The fourth area of being physically fit is the ability to exert maximum force, lifting the heaviest weight you can move, one time(one rep max). It is possible to have muscular strength in one area, while lacking strength in other areas. Sometimes an imbalance of strength in muscles can cause physical injury. This is why it is important to train muscles according to opposite muscle groups(quads/hamstrings, biceps/triceps, chest/shoulders, back/ abdominal). By doing this you will help avoid injury

5. Flexibility.
The last area of being fit is the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion; the elasticity of the muscle. This is how limber you are. Flexibility decreases with age, thus creating a stronger importance to this as one gets older..You can improve this area by putting yourself through stretch techniques the encompass the entire body or all major muscle groups. It is best to do stretches at the end of a workout while the muscles are still warm. Doing stretches while the muscles are warm will help prevent injury.

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